Review of Respiratory Medicine - Volumen 23, Número 1 - March 23

Presidents Letter

The path to indexing

El camino a la indexación

Autor Alfredo Morán1

1President of the Argentinian Association of Respiratory Medicine

Dear associates:

As previously detailed by the editor-in-chief of the American Review of Respiratory Medicine (RAMR), Dr. Juan Antonio Mazzei in his letter in the June issue, this is a year of changes for the RAMR, with a journal redesign, the addition of a style editor, the full English version, and the use of the OJS system (Open Journal System) for the online peer review process, among other things.

Weproject that in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to submit the journal to Index Medicus and appear in PubMed. This forces us to be more rigorous with the internal procedures of our publication.

Currently, we receive a considerable number of articles from our country, Latin America, and Spain, which entails a review process that, to be effective, must be done within the required deadlines. That is why we request a commitment from our associates to this task. Many of you are already part of our team of reviewers. We appreciate your dedication to the analysis of each article. Your collaboration is valuable and acknowledged. However, it often happens that some reviewers don’t respond or we have to ask for the same review more than once, which is frustrating, in addition to the harm caused to the authors.

Forthat reason, we open the call to all those who are interested in participating as reviewers for the RAMR. If you are interested, you can send an email to indicating your areas of interest.

Wehave no doubt that with the effort of everyone, we will achieve our objectives.

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