American Review of Respiratory Medicine - Volumen 22, Número 2 - June 2022

Letter From The Editor In Chief

A new stage of American Review of Respiratory Medicine (Revista Americana de Medicina Respiratoria)

Una nueva etapa de la Revista Americana de Medicina Respiratoria

Autor : Mazzei, Juan Antonio

The Revista Argentina de Medicina Respiratoria has been published uninterruptedly since 2001. Dur­ing all this time, despite the difficulties, it has achieved an important place in pulmonology-related literature in Argentina and the Spanish-speaking countries. One of our objectives is to continue on this path and be internationally recognized.

This year, the RAMR, with the approval of the Board of Directors, has proposed a series of improve­ments in order to optimize its editorial level and aspire to get indexed in PubMed.

The most important improvement is that each issue will be fully translated into English. There will also be a pdf redesign, with more modern, color-managed documents, and we will have a proofreader for articles in Spanish. Starting from the June issue, we will include the ORCIDs (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) of the authors, and every citation will have its DOI (Digital Object Identifier). In a short time from now, there will be one DOI for every article in the magazine.

Another valuable tool we are working on is the incorporation of the OJS (Open Journal System), an open-source software for scientific journal editors that most indexed scientific journals have. This software facilitates the management and publication of online manuscripts. The authors will be able to send their articles through this system and follow the peer review process online.

We have a long way to go before we obtain the PUBMED indexing; many national and international journals weren’t able to get there. There are only a few national journals indexed in PubMed, but we believe we have the possibility to achieve it if we deliver serious, sustainable work.

We want to thank the authors for sending us their work and hope we can reach our goal.

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